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For Sale:  Southern Railway "BUDA" Track Drill


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Track drill possibly used on the Southern Ry. I bought this drill locally years ago, but got no history on it. Appears to be in good condition and could be restored to usable for RR museum demonstrations or just for display. You would have pick up this drill in person due to the weigh. This is a heavy piece of RR equipment. (2 man drill ).

$500. Shipping is not an option. Fletcher (near Asheville), NC.  Contact me.


For Sale:  Westinghouse Interurban Air Horn



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 Westinghouse cast iron air horn from mid-west Inter-urban car. Horn is in very good condition and diaphragm is very good. Sounds good and is very loud.

$365. USPS shipping will be 21.00. Fletcher near Asheville, NC.  Contact me.

For Sale:  3" Galaxy Ball Valve



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3 inch NPT Brass Ball Valve. New - never used.  ANSI Spec 400WOG (not steam rated).

$125. +  shipping. Near Asheville, NC     Contact me.


For Sale:  Kunkle 3" Inlet Safety Valve


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Kunkle  Fig 83-4 Steam Safety Valve.    Heavy 3 inch brass pop safety  valve.  New old stock never used.   3 NPT inlet  X  4 NPT outlet.   Set at 150 PSI.    

550.00  +  48.00 shipping.      Contact me.









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