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For Sale:  1949 FAIRMONT M19 F2 Railcar/Speeder  

 Reduced to $5,000


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 This railcar has been restored from the frame up.  It is NARCOA compliant with All New wiring with fuse block, tail/brake and head lights, battery, brakes, paint, horn, drive belt, folding seats, seat belts, front glass, gas tank with tank safety shield, tow bar with pins and ROC engine rings.  The C-5 carburetor and the 6 volt generator have been professionally rebuilt.  A brand new custom built 6x 8 trailer with hand winch, spare tire, scissor jack and folding lug wrench is included.  The ROC engine runs great.  The railcar has not been on the tracks since restoration and the trailer has not been on the road since its delivery.

Additional EXTRA items included with above: Fairmont M19 service manuals, ROC engine in good condition, rebuilt C-5 carburetor, new buzz box and timer parts, wiper motor, used gas tank, foot operated 10 bell, wheel measurement tools, safety helmets, safety vests and warning flags, NARCO lanterns, C-5 rebuild kit, various spark plugs and gaskets.   More pictures on request. 

Asking $6,250.  Reduced to $5,000   Located in Portage, Michigan.  Contact me.









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