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For Sale:  Signal Lights & Parts  


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 APPROXIMATELY 11 LIGHTS PLUS SHADES, LENS, AND OTHER PARTS. I really don't know anything about these. A guy traded them for a bar tab at my Tavern 25 years ago. At the time he said, when put together they work. They've been in my basement ever since. One photo shows all. Email me for more photos.


$900. Sauk Rapids, Minnesota Contact me.


For Sale:  Antique Baggage Cart  


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 Antique Baggage Cart.  GREAT CONDITION! I've had this over 20 years and put new wood planks on in 2008. The photo is from 2010. The wood is starting to look a little rough. only reason I'm selling it is I am moving out of state in a few months. Makes a perfect Flower cart.


$2,300. Shipping is not an option. Sauk Rapids, Minnesota Contact me.









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