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For Sale:  7.25" Narrow Gauge Sit-in Caboose        


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7.25" Narrow Gauge style sit in Caboose. "Todolla and Swamp Creek Railroad". A nicely built sit model. Not had much use this past year so the owner has put it up for sale. Seats two comfortably but the seating arrangement could be changed to fit more folk in. Comes complete with cover. Unfitted but brakes could be easily added to the bogie design.

Note this item is just over 10ft long and is located in the United Kingdom. 

$1,000. Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. United Kingdom.  Contact me.



For Sale:  5" ga. F7 Electric Locomotive        

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American Style F7 #626 - This model started life as a Maxitrak kit (manufactured in England) which was bought partly finished but then stripped down as the body was poorly done. The builder has now made a superb job and the loco is in a nice livery - Burlington Northern green. The loco has the standard, well-proven, Maxitrak chassis with 24 volt control system from 4QD driving nose. Hung traction motors - one per axle. Two tone horns and a Maxitrak sound system, there are lights but these need a socket & plug to complete, otherwise a tidy and useful model.

3,500 (UK) or $4,250 (US) or make me an offer. Reduce to 2,750 or $3,430.  Postage from England would cost anything between $350-$500   Contact me.










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