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For Sale:  USS H5 Searchlight Dwarf Signal        


Union Switch and Signal H5 DC searchlight signal dwarf. Base has no damage and mech works well, it is yellow-red-green. These H5 dwarfs are more rare than their H2 counterparts. It is missing the left side plug, but that does not affect the operation of the signal. More photos upon request.

$400. Pickup near Indianapolis, and can ship on a pallet at the buyers expense. Contact me.


For Sale:  General Railway Signal Semaphore Arm Spectacle Blade 



A General Railway Signal Mechanical upper quadrant semaphore spectacle with blade and lenses. This spectacle is in very nice shape, the mechanical peg is in great shape. Has glass red and green lenses, with original stamped metal lens rings. The blade is in pretty good overall shape. I did spray the black stripe with plasti-dip, which can be easily removed if the buyer wishes.

$475. Pickup near Indianapolis. I can provide shipping quotes for those interested.   SOLD  .









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