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For Sale:  7.25" or 7.50" ga. Electric Switcher


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6- wheeled center cab switcher. Features include a 24V - 50 amp Kelly controller with reverseing switch, brake band lever,  600 watt- 24V scooter motor, two lawn mower batteries included in cab. 

$2,000  Reduced to $1,700 .  Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Akron, New York (Buffalo area)    SOLD   .


For Sale:  Electric Steam Outline Tractor

 Reduced to $1,100

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1/3 close to scale electric tractor (steam looking) 24V 500 watt motor. Kelley 24V 50 amp controller, forward only-reverseing relay can be added. Looks and run great.  A 4 foot, 4 wheeled cart to ride on and hold two lawn mower batteries included (batteries not incuded).

$1,300.  Reduced to $1,100  Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Akron, New York (Buffalo area)  Contact me.









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