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For Sale:  1.5" Scale William Allchin Traction Engine



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 William Allchin 1-1/2" scale traction engine for sale. I last fired this engine on coal 4 years ago, so it could use a cleaning. It's a beautiful machine and is built to a very high standard. There is no recent boiler test certificate for this engine. If you are in the Edmonton area, contact me and come visit for a viewing. Great, solid British model engineering. 


  • Length: 25-1/2"

  • Height: 16" to top of stack

  • Width: 13"

  • Rear wheel dia: 9"

  • Flywheel dia: 7"

  • Bora and stroke: ~1-1/4" x 1-1/2"

  • Weight: 50 lbs.

This traction engine features two speed gearing, notched Stephenson linkage for stroke control, axle winch drum with cable, generously sized water tank with mechanical feedwater pump, mechanical forced feed lubricator along wth the standard appurtenances.

Feel free to contact me by message or email about further details, or more detailed photos! Thanks for looking!

$2,650 USD or Best Offer. 










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