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For Sale:  Cast Crossbucks  


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Cast aluminum cross buck. Not stamped on it but it is the same size as an MTC cross buck.

Asking $300. Can ship, buyer pays for shipping.  Green Bay Area.  Contact me


For Sale:  Miniature Train Co. Parts (MTC) Parts

 Reduced to $650

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One lot of MTC parts including 2 journal boxes.  Parts are all in very good condition except for the flywheel Belt pully. Some parts used, some not.

Would like to sell as whole lot, asking $1,000  Reduced to $650 for the lot  for everything pictured. Crating & shipping charges not included. Louisiana. Contact me


For Sale:  Two 24" ga. Switches




 Two 24" gauge left hand switches. Easily re-gaugeable to whatever you need.

Asking $2500 for the pair  Reduced to $1,500 for pair or $750 for one OBO  . Motivated to sell! Able to load on your trailer. Located in Kewaunee, Wisconsin.  Contact me


For Sale:  Miniature Train Co. Coachs



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Three MTC coaches, 2 coaches and one observation. All three have surface rust but nothing superficial, by no means are these coaches rotten.  They are very sturdy and have alot of years left on them, they just need a good sandblasting and some bending back on one of the front ends of one of the coaches.  Sorry, no trucks or couplers at this time.

Asking $1,800  Reduced to $1,500 for all three but I am open to entertaining offers, motivated to sell. Located in Green Bay Area, local pickup only.  Contact me  SOLD  


For Sale:  Wisconsin Vf4 Exhaust Manifold



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 Wisconsin Vf4 low profile exhaust manifold.  Rare and hard to find item.  Use these manifolds so you don't have to chop the hood in pieces on your G16 unit!  Used, but in great condition. No leaks or cracks. 

$500   Reduced $300  Can box and ship for cost of postage.  Green Bay Area.  Contact me.


For Sale:  Miniature Train Co. Switch Stand



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 Miniature Train Company switch stand.  Great condition.

$250 Can box and ship for cost of postage.  Green Bay Area.  Contact me   SOLD  


For Sale:  Chance Mfg. Crossing Signal.  



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 Chance Mfg crossing signal.  Restored several years ago to LED lights and digital contactor to minimize down time. No rust, great condition.

$2,000  Reduced $1,500   Can ship for cost of postage.  Green Bay Area.   SOLD  .









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