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For Sale:  Complete 7.5" ga. Quality Railroad



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7.5” ga. Complete Railroad. Quality Loco, 7 Cars, 2400' of Track, 3 Switches & Much More.

I started building my dream 7.5” gauge railroad about 7 years ago. I ended up getting sick with bad rheumatoid arthritis about 3 years into my project. I did finish the 2,400’ loop, but I have actually only went around it probably less than 20 times with a couple cars. I’m just saying this because this is not a happy sale for me. I’ve dreaded parting with my train, but I can still get up and help load everything. So I need to sell this now.

The train and cars are very close to new condition. I would say there are around 10 hours of run time on the loco. It has all been stored in a special dry insulated addition to a metal building, and has never been out in the rain. And this train has never been taken to a club track and run. It has never left the track at home since it was delivered to me.

Also to note is that this loco and 5 cars in the photos are quality built by well-known professional builders in this hobby. (A photo of this train was actually used in an advertisement on Discover Live Steam’s website, and maybe still is).

The GP-40 loco and caboose was built by Bob Snippe of Flint MI. Bob is known for building his trains like a tank. They are all metal with no plastic parts. The GP-40 is powered by a Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 16 HP V-Twin motor direct-coupled to an Eaton hydraulic pump powering 2 hydraulic motors, one each truck driving all 8 wheels for good traction.

The engineer-flat car, hopper & tank car came from Scott Weatherford of southern MO (AKA ).

The gondola was built by me from a kit from Mountain Car Co. The other 2 newly painted orange cars are older cars that I purchased and restored. The one car has a tool box under the seat and has a working 110Volt AC motor powered sickle bar mower that hydraulically lowers and raises. My intentions were to make an operating “maintenance of the way” train. A small 110v air compressor from Harbor Freight. For about $100 will fit on the sickle bar car, and I did have a generator mounted to the flat car. So you would have 110 volt AC power and air for all your air and electric powered tools. So that is a neat and very useful project to have electric and air to work on, or do repairs with power tools right on your train.

There is 1 switch that is in use on the layout. It is all steel and solid with a nice switch stand. That was built by Scott Weatherford too. There are 2 other steel switches that are 90% done.

Many other things that I used to build the railroad are included. Some items are;

  • a re-railer

  •  and John Deere power broom with a new in the box extra head for leveling ballast

  • a tie press for grooved ties for 3/8”x1” flat bar rail (or commonly called “Groovy Track”)

  •  buckets of screws and bolts and fishplates, and so on.

The track is 1,700’ of the grooved tie 3/8”x1” steel rail type, or “groovy track”. And there is 700’ of 1” aluminum rail with another bundle still sitting the train room. There is 1 nice all steel 25’ (or maybe 30’) bridge built from 2 heavy think steel beams and much bracing with angle iron and so on, another wood bridge and 3 crossings that could be taken up and hauled. I remember just 1 load of steel cost me $9,000. There are thousands of good ties too. And you can use the grooved ties on aluminum rail by simply turning them over with grooved side down. You can take all of the track, or take as much as you want and leave the rest. The layout is on my farm, and what would be left, would just be “old abandoned train tracks”.

You have to understand that this is a PICK-UP ONLY SALE. I do have 2 tractors and tools to help load stuff, and can help the buyer with loading and getting it all out of here. I also have table saws and all woodworking tools to build crates. If the buyer wanted to come and crate the trains themselves to ship, you are welcome to use my tools. But you would have to build and take the crates to an LTL trucking dock, and be responsible for any damages. I am available 7 days a week, but I can only do things in the mornings up to around 2:00pm. Then I have to lay down for the rest of the day.

This would be a great chance for someone to start a 7.5” gauge club or a nice large private railroad for a great price. I am just 10-15 minutes from Louisville, KY in southern, IN, 2.2 miles off of I -64. I am close to many areas in the Midwest.

This is a very good deal at $25,000. I will entertain offers on groups of items or individual items. Located in Southern, IN, Near Louisville, KY










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