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For Sale:  2-1/2" ga.(+/-) Locomotive or Traction Engine Boiler

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Back some time ago I bought a Reeves boiler kit from the UK as I though it would be a good project.
That was all fine and dandy, and then I had a bunch of other projects start and since then, its sat in storage.

It was silver solder with Easyflo no. 2 (55% silver) and should be ready to go? But it hasn't been tested. There's still some lathe work to be done on the steam dome as the dome itself is still seated on a copper sheet. It has a water pre-heater.

The dimensions are as follow:
3 1/2 barrel by 13 inches long (plus 3 more inches for the smoke box). The firebox is 4 1/2 long, 5 1/2 tall, and 3 1/2 wide.

I'm very open on the price, as I can't even remember what the original kit price was. (Or for that matter what the locomotive it was build for). If someone could enlighten me, that would be appropriated.

$925. Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Eire, North Dakota (Fargo). Contact me.









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