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For Sale:  RR Crossing Signal & Station Light



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  From the CNJ and Erie Lackawanna railroad. Old RR crossing light originally on Route 15 in Morris County NJ for the Wharton & Northern RR(succeeded by the CNJ) protecting tracks going into Picatinny Arsenal. Rail service stopped at some point in the 1980's but this crossing light stayed standing for years in the middle of Route 15 until finally being removed in preparation for road work.

The pictures show the left light missing but it was simply taken off because it was hanging loosely and didn't want it to hurt anyone. I have the other light. The bottom plate was partially missing when it was taken down.

The other light was salvaged from the original Clifton NJ Erie-Lackawanna RR station, which was about 500 feet down from the current station. The light was found buried in weeds and debris. It was primed and painted and stands proudly in our yard as you can see by the photos. The bottom plate was partially cracked, probably when it was knocked or taken down but otherwise is complete. It was re-wired and works well. The only problem is that the bulb rusted inside and broke so it would have to be repaired but it works. These items would need to be picked up. 

 $500 or best offer for both. Shipping is not an option. Pick up in Ocean County, New Jersey.
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