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For Sale:  Grand Scale Extruded Alu. Rail, Tie Plates, Joiners        

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One of a kind custom extruded aluminum alloy rail which was previously used for a 14" and 16" gauge grand scale railroad which utilized a 16" MTC train and Change 14" train. The owner in Michigan was a window manufacturer and extruded the rail which has custom aluminum alloy tie plates for mounting the rail to the ties.

The rail is 1.625 inches in height, the base is 1.5 inches wide, the top of the railhead is .75 inches wide and the web of the rail is .1875 inches thick. Rail shows little or no wear from use on one side. The material cuts and is easy to machine. The rail lengths are 19 feet in length with 2 joint bar holes in each end for 1/4 inch bolts.

There are (7) 55 gallon plastic barrels of tie plates and a box of several hundred new splice bars which can are easily fabricated from 6061 aluminum flat stock. There are a few pieces that have a large radius curve to them probably 40 or so pieces but the rest of the rail lengths are straight. The weight of a 19 foot section of rail is approximately 19 lbs.

This rail would be suitable for 7.5" gauge equipment or for use on a grand scale railroad as it was previously used on, up to 16" gauge. There is approximately 12,000 feet of rail available and an exact count will be provided to the prospective buyer.

The comparison photo is next to a piece of 12 lb. steel rail which is 2" in height.  

$24,000. Price with the tie plates is based upon a $2.00 per foot cost. Buyer is responsible for all loading and shipping costs. Dayton, OH Contact me.









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