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For Sale:  16" gauge Steam Outline Train  


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  1992 16" gauge J & R steam outline and complete railroad located in Berlin, Ohio.


This is a 16" ga. 5" scale steam outline 4-4-0 with a gasoline engine in the tender driving a hydraulic pump. The hydraulic drive motor is mounted in the cab. A new larger gas engine was installed for more power on the present hilly railroad. There is also an air compressor in the tender for operation of the brakes and whistle.

Note that this engine and cars were involved in a minor accident several years ago. The engine and both cars turned over resulting in very minor injuries to the passengers and very minor cosmetic damage to the train. There is no pending litigation. The train has not been used since 2012 but was maintained on a regular basis while in use.


Two gondola cars that hold 12 adults each. Several break shoes are missing on each car.


There is a total 0f 6180' of 12# rail, 86 straight lengths, 110 curve lengths and 10 extra straight lengths. All are standard 30' sections. The rail is in very good condition and is still in place on the ground as layed. The buyer could remove or all could be taken up and stacked for an additional fee.

The ties generally are still in usable condition.


Two car frames; 1-truck frame without wheels, missing two springs; two wheels and one axle; 50 extra seat boards, misc. hyd. hose & fittings; rail bender without jack; 12-track gauges; 2-lighted, grade crossing signals.


The owner is asking $64,000.  Reduced to $52,000   The train is located in Berlin, Ohio, in the heart of Amish country.



For Sale:  15" gauge Wood Fired 2-Truck Shay



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15" wood-fired Class A Shay operating at 150 psi. The loco is 12' - 4" long, 36" width O.A, 54" height to top of cab and weights 2 tons. The boiler is 18" in dia. and steams freely on hardwood. It has steam brakes with a train brake valve. The loco was completed in 1996 but has only been operated between 8 to 10 hours, hence the reason I'm selling. The boiler is not code. The loco has always been stored in a heated building.

The Shay was last operated in September of 2015. People with experiance running full size equipment say this loco handles exactly the same.

$50,000. Located in NE Ohio. Photos and additional info are on my web site:  Please, serious inquiries only.   Contact me



For Sale:  15" gauge Rollng Stock 



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$3,000. Rail Truck (re-gaugeable 10 HP, electric start, Koehler. Transmission is a torque converter with infinite speeds in both directions. 
$2,000. Speeder (Faimont style speeder with 2 spd. transmission)
$4,000. Gondola (12' gondola seating 10 with side access doors on both sides) 
$1,000. Work Car (two axle work car with two removable benches) 
$1,200. Hand Car
$3,500. Bobber Caboose 

Located in NE Ohio. Photos and additional info are on my web site:  Please, serious inquiries only.     SOLD 


For Sale:  15" gauge Track, Switches & Semaphore Signal 



Included are 1200' of track on the mainline and approximately 300' of sidings. The 2400' of rail was purchased new in 2002 and is still in very good condition. Three turn-outs with switch stands are included. One of the three is a stub switch.

$1,000. Three Switches w/stands 
$500.    Semaphore (manually operated; all patterns & signage.) 
$4,800. Rail (2400 in very good condition, approximately 300 in good condition + splice bars and any other fasteners.)  
The RR is located in NE Ohio. Photos and additional info are on my web site: Please, serious inquiries only.     SOLD 









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