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For Sale:  7.5" ga. Riding Car for Your Speeder



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 Rail Rider Supply Riding Car, includes drop-step to match the Rail Rider Supply drop-step Speeders.  This is reportedly the only drop-step riding car that the company has ever made. Custom large full-length seat pad. Hinged seat for storage. Excellent condition, very low track time.

  -    4130 Billet steel wheels - CNC Machined - Black Oxide
 -    Dual gage 7-1/4" & 7-1/2" - changes in minutes
 -    Seats two
 -    CNC machined frames & components through-out, exceptional quality & workmanship
 -    Powder coated
 -    Includes standard couplers
 -    40" long x 20-1/2" wide x 16" seat height x 24" to top of bars.

$2,000.  Crating and shipping extra. Located Torrance, CA.  Contact me   SOLD  


For Sale:  7.5" ga. 12 axle Flatcar



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Dual Trucks Class 3F-F4 Drop Center Flat car is a copy of the Pennsylvania drawing D44B656C with the F-40 truck arrangement dated 1-56. The car makes an impressive statement at 11' 10" coupled length and 11' 7.25" over strikers, and is capable of negotiating a 40' radius curve. It is riding on buckeye trucks, which have been modified to accommodate the closer C-C arrangement used on this car. It also is equipped with Tom Bee couplers and Precision Steel Car brake wheels. This car is engineered to run with the F-40 Dual Truck arrangement or as a single F-33 truck arrangement. It is also possible to use a single 2 axle truck on each end. The car is 1.5" scale and 7.5" ga. and the weight of the car and end platforms is 230 lbs. It tracks and rides extremely well and it gives the feeling of a centipede as it snakes through the curves.

$3,500.  Reduced to $2,850   includes FREE crating! Buyer pays shipping costs. Austin Texas.    SOLD .









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