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For Sale:  Miller Dialarc Arc & Tig Welder



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 Miller Welder. Dialarc 250-AC/DC HF. 250 AMP Arc and Tig welder. Extra long 220 volt plug in cord. Foot pedal control and Extra long gas/cooling lines. Runs on 200/208/230/460 volts single phase (see data plate). Comes with rolling steel table with 1/2 in x 3 ft x 4 ft steel top.

 Asking $600.00 (Local Pickup Only). Located in Kansasville, Wisconsin. Contact me.   SOLD


For Sale:  1.5" scale Un-Machined 4-3/8" Wheels



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 Lot of eight(8) Un-Machined Cast Iron 4-3/8” Car Wheels for 1-1/2” scale.

Asking $90.00 (Plus Shipping).  Located in Kansasville, Wisconsin.   SOLD  .


For Sale:  1.5" scale Aluminum Truck Castings



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 Aluminum truck assembly castings. Ten (10) steel axles with cast iron wheels mounted. Axles need to be final fit to bearings.  Ten (10) bearings will be included.

 Asking $550 (Plus Shipping).  Located in Kansasville, Wisconsin.   SOLD  ..


For Sale:  1.5" scale Little Engines 0-6-0 Switcher Project



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 Little Engines 1-1/2” scale, “0-6-0 Switcher” project locomotive. The running gear on this un-finished project is currently setup for 7-1/2” gage. Rigging is setup for shoe brakes. Leaf springs and many brass castings are included as shown here. Features include brass valve rigging, cast iron “one-pc” cylinders from Little Engines, smoke box, front cover, and petticoat casting. Semi-finished cab and parts, sand and steam domes, ash pan, steel drive rods, and much, much more that can be seen in the pictures. Some machining has been done, as well as some assembly. You will receive everything seen here in these pictures, including a rail section for display, and a full set of drawings and copies.

Asking $3,500.00 Reduced to $2,750 (Crating & Shipping is available, but not included). Located in South-East Wisconsin. Local pickup is preferred. Contact me  SOLD  


For Sale:  1.5" scale Un-Machined 7" Cast Iron Drive Wheels



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 Lot of six (6) Un-Machined 7” Cast Iron Drive Wheels for 1-1/2” scale.

Asking $140 (Plus Shipping).  Located in Kansasville, Wisconsin.   SOLD  .


For Sale:  7.5" ga. Western Maryland Railway Shay #6 Project   



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I feel I no longer have sufficient time to complete my Western Maryland Railway #6 Shay Engine. This  150 Ton, Three Truck, Three Cylinder beast in 1-1/2” Scale will measure approximately 8 feet long when finished. The wheels and axles are currently machined for 7-1/2” Gauge. All castings are from LocoGear, which are cast from higher quality “ductile” iron. Many parts are finished, such as wheels, axles, drive gears, universal joints, crank assembly, and more. Many parts are partially finished, such as truck bolster plate assemblies, side frames, and dozens of miscellaneous brackets. We also have dozens of bearing sets. Attached here are only a few pictures, but please see the full album at our website for many more pictures of this project…

A full set of CAD drawing prints from R.J.Killen will be supplied for this build, also including many copies of original drawings from the full scale engine design. Several three ring binders will be included for organizational purposes.

Everything here has been professionally built to very high standards, utilizing CNC equipment throughout. We just cancelled the pre-order on the boiler, but it can be purchased through Marty Knox at Ridge Locomotive Works.

This locomotive project is located in Kansasville, Wisconsin, at the High Oaks Railroad. I am willing to sacrifice this beauty for $7,000.00 USD or best offer. I accept PayPal, and are willing to ship this item at your expense, but if you want to bring cash money, you could pick this up in person, and besides, the midwest is beautiful this time of year.

 Contact me.








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