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For Sale:  7.5" ga. 2-6-0 Mogul Project 

 Reduced to $4,500



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1-1/2" scale, 7-1/2" gauge 2-6-0 mogul project.  I was told that this chassis was built by Bob Harpur years ago, but never finished.  The chassis runs very smooth on air in both directions.  It has a Winton cow catcher and domes.  Marty Knox just built a brand new boiler for the locomotive.  Included is the headlight casting, stack casting, johnson bar, blower nozzle, smoke box, and a complete set of plans. 

 I am asking $5,000.  Reduced to $4,500  I will crate it and get a low shipping bid and take it to a trucking company if you are interested.  It is located in California.  Contact me..



For Sale:  7.5" ga. Kohler Locomotive Drive 



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This drive was removed from a locomotive that someone converted to electricity.  This includes a Kohler gas engine, hydrostatic transmission, gas tank, eight 5 1/2" wheels with axles, and 4 gear boxes.  I was told that the transmission worked good, but the gas engine needed some carburetor work. 


 $350.   Located in Atascadero California.   .



For Sale:  Train Elevator for 7.5" ga.

 Reduced to $600


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 7-1/2" gauge train elevator with a 10' bed.  It operates with a 12 volt battery and is operated by remote control.  It has lifted up to 500 lbs. 

 $975  Reduced to $600  Located in Atascadero California.   Contact me.


For Sale:  Trailer for 7.5" ga. Trains 



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 A trailer that was built for hauling trains.  It has a 10' by 4' bed and angle steel rails.  It is light enough that a small automobile can haul it. 

  $400.  Located in Atascadero California.     SOLD  .









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