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For Sale:  Mars Light


Above see a Mars light installed on a steam locomotive.

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Either C&O or Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (CB&Q) Mars Light. Mars light in very good shape.

$1,475. Includes shipping. Southern California.   SOLD .   


For Sale:  Locomotive Headlight


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Locomotive light.  Antique train light. The face of the light glass only is 14.50 inches the diameter of the back of the light box is 16 inches the length is 17 inches 2 feet with the cowel  above the side lights is the # 2602 C1 QLF  on the other side it is 2602 C (?) ORF  below the front of the light is the # 1417 MS    above the light on the ring it says The Pyle National Company Chicago  On the knobs of the side light is the # 1B43RW  the plate on the side which is hard to read ??70QA   or ??7QQA  not sure.  Converted to be used as an outdoor light. Very bright!

$1,750. Crating & shipping charges not included. Southern California.    SOLD









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