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For Sale:  7.5" ga. Little Engines Mogul & PSC Flatcar


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7.5 gauge, 1.5" scale Little Engines Mogul and PSC flatcar. Built late 90's early 2000's.  Set up to burn coal or propane.


Copper boiler and flues
Superscale Economy injector
Crosshead pumps
Tender hand pump
Quick disconnects on water supply
Mechanical lubricator to throttle and cylinders
Steam operated cylinder cocks
Steam cleaning hose, connects to blowdown
Air connection at fountain to run on air
Air connection at running board for startup blower
Mostly Cole's fittings, safeties, sight glass, etc.
Coupler on tender


Blueprints, erection drawings, etc.
Locomotive stand
Two bags of coal
Propane regulator
Extra sight glass
Misc. parts
Work stand

Precision Steel Car Flatcar includes trucks, couplers, and stand.

Locomotive runs but needs some fit and finish work. Valves set, running in bearings, etc. Offering up for sale because she's just a bit cramped for my tastes.

On 9/17 while running in the rod bearings she suffered some derailment damage, the pony truck picked a frog and she ended up jackknifed. Here's a list of what I know so far:

Drawbar bent, pocket on tender damaged
Brake rigging bent
Right crosshead pump jammed into rail resulting in
Crosshead pump plumbing bent
Right crosshead yolk bent at pump
Right crosshead out of parallel
Binds up due to the above and new bearings

Still runs under her own power but the running gear needs to be taken down and trued. I have not found any cracked castings or broken parts on the engine excepting the crosshead plumbing leaks.

$12,000   Reduced to $11,500  Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Kalama, WA.  Contact me.     SOLD










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