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For Sale:  Complete 7.5" ga Train (Switcher, Cars, Trailer)


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Built in August 2007 by Rail Systems in Oregon. It's a 16 hp. 1.7" scale SW1500 Switcher complete with ditch lights, vacuum train brake system, marker lights, and sound system.  It's painted and lettered C&NW.  Locomotive #313 was the first one I engineered for the C&NW.

Train only used a few times in the past 9 years. It's just like brand new.

Also included in the deal are a Rail Systems engineer car (half gon half flatcar with seat) and a Rail Systems flatcar, some tools and a single axle trailer. Trailer is set up with tracks for hauling trains.

$16,000  Reduced to $14,000   (includes trailer so no shipping option). Carbondale, IL.   SOLD









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