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For Sale:  WC Hayes Crossing Gate Bell



One WC Hayes crossing gate bell signal

$200. Please include phone number in response.  Shipping or delivery extra charge or pickup at St Anne Illinois. Contact us today.   SOLD


For Sale:  7.5" ga. Rail Systems Baldwin S12 Switcher & Slug 



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Rail Systems Baldwin S12 master and slug all powered 16 hp Briggs with 254 run time hours. New control valve, new electrical wiring, updated with new led lighting, new hyd oil, oil change with both filters. Unit has air over hydraulic brakes (rare option on Rail Systems). Unit has been test run at our place ready to go painted in Union Pacific colors .

$13,500 ready to run.  Shipping or delivery extra charge or pickup at St Anne Illinois.   SOLD 

For Sale:  7.5" ga. Refurbished GP9 



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 New refurbished GP9 with 11 HP Techaumsa engine Eaton model 11 hydrostatic transmission, shaft drive. Fresh paint, ready for decals. 7.5 gauge tested ready to go

$9,500 or best offer pickup st Anne Illinois or will ship for extra charges.  









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