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For Sale:  G-12 train #167, Track & Storage Bldg.

 Reduced to $26,600        

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G-12 train #167

FULL restoration completed in professional body shop.

* all paint stripped down to bare metal
* entire body epoxy-primed and painted in base/clear
* all trucks were disassembled and rebuilt using all new bearings and seals
* has a new engine and transmission    
    - original WI engine and fluid couplers included in the sale

Also included in sale:

* owner's manual
* blueprints of cars/engine/components
* original 60' x 80' oval MTC track
* additional 50' of custom-made curved track
* custom-built storage depot
    - 48' long and bolted together in 8' sections
    - easily disassembles for transport 

Youtube Video

$28,000. Reduced to $26,600  Sale price is for complete set: train, tracks, and storage depot. Transportation costs are not included in sale price and are the responsibility of the buyer.  Seller will assist in disassembly of depot, once funds have cleared. Located west of Chicago. Contact me.









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