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For Sale:  7.5" ga. Railroad Supply Consolidation

 Reduced to $45,000

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I'm the builder of this Railroad Supply Consolidation. Boiler built by Paul Boshan. Here are the features:

  • Propane fired

  • Two Superscale Chicago Injectors

  • Mosely Headlight and Generator with electronic voltage control

  • Keim steam powered water pump

  • Two cylinder axle pump

  • Superscale valves, cylinder cocks

  • Fully functional Alco Power Reverse Gear

  • Two whistles

  • Classification lamps

  • Full led lighting powered by rechargeable battery

  • Steam brakes on engine and tender with cab Brake Stand

  • New Locoparts water glass with light

  • Steam oil reservoir in cab

  • Zirk fittings on all rod bearings

Also includes a Mountain Car stock car/propane car, two seat gondola, and near new Mountain Car Santa Fe Caboose.

Excellent running and beautiful (see video). Covers included for locomotive, tender, cattle car and caboose.

$50,000  Reduced to $45,000  for all. Will not split. Shipping is not an option. Los Angeles. Contact me.









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