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For Sale:  Railroad Bridge Plates


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Three RR bridge plates for sale.


$800 for the 1893 one, and $400 each for the other two.  I am offering free shipping, or they can be picked up at my house in Sevierville, Tn.  that is about 20 miles north of Knoxville, Tn. Contact me


For Sale:  Western Maryland Push Truck  



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 Western Maryland push truck, it is the first one I ever seen with wooden spoke wheels.  It came from the Western Maryland RR in the Elkins, WV area, I have restored all the spokes with new oak, and the Deck with 2" Cedar.    It is so rare it probably should be in a Museum.  I used the old spokes as patterns, so it is just like it was orginaly.  


Asking $800 for it  Reduced to $500   It can be picked Sevierville, TN  37876    SOLD  .









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