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For Sale:  Sherline Model 2000 CNC Mill 


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Machine includes the following: 4th axis rotary table, 3 jaw chuck, Jacobs chuck, milling vice, Tooling plate for mill bed, tooling plate for rotary table head, fly cutter, boring head with boring bars, 90 degree angle plate for rotary table, slitting saw arbor, misc. collets, and misc. end mills. Plus some other new replacement parts.

Also included is the computer, monitor, mouse, and Sherline software. The mill is fastened to a square steel base which is included and also included is the computer desk that it sits on.

I bought the mill second handed and was used very little before I got it and I have not used it much. Mill is tight and works good, I am selling because it doesn't fit my needs. I am asking $2600 for the whole package, shipping would be difficult with what is included with the sale.

I would also consider trades, I would prefer an Atlas horizontal milling machine but would also consider other vintage but useable bench type milling machines. Let me know what you have. If interested please contact me (see below).

$2,600. Hillsboro, Wisconsin.  Contact me SOLD


For Sale:  3.5" ga. Little Engines 4-8-4 Projects


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Selling two 3-1/2" gauge 3/4" scale 4-8-4 Little Engines Chassis. Just cleaning the shop up a little bit so I can continue with other projects.

Chassis No. 1 did run on air when I acquired it years ago, Machine work was OK, now partially disassembled. Also included is the smoke box and smokebox Front.
Asking $1,200.

Chassis No. 2, (wheels trimmed with white paint) rolling chassis, has tapered roller bearing for axle boxes, rolls freely, good machine work, also included is the cylinder castings and side rod castings,
Asking $1,000.

I will pack and ship these, I estimate shipping to cost about $50 to $75 a piece, pick up is also welcome. I can also email more pictures. I will consider offers, I am also looking for 3-1/2" gauge 3/4" scale rolling stock.

$2,600. Hillsboro, Wisconsin.  Contact me  SOLD









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