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For Sale:  4.75" Iron Pony Motor Upgrade Kit 

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4.75" Backyard Train Co. Iron Pony Motor Upgrade Kit.Upgrade that old Iron Pony engine that has gotten a bit tired due to 20+ year old motors that are inefficient and SLOW. Dramatically increase your run times, speed and pulling power with this kit that includes; (2) 24v 150 watt motors, Mounting brackets and hardware. A bolt on kit using the 1/4-20 allen bolts on your engine. Our brackets still allow chain tension adjustment with the stock bolt holes and left to right motor adjustments as well.

$325 plus $14.00 shipping. Denver CO.  Contact me.


For Sale:  7.5" ga. Powered Axle Pair



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7.5" gauge power axles for scratch building that next project. Wheel diameter is 5" over the tread with 5/8" axle diameter. 2 degree taper on tread, cnc'd billet wheels with solid backs. 24v 150 watt motors with #25 chain drive. $425.00 for the pair with shipping.

$425.00 for the pair. INCLUDES SHIPPING. Shipped from Denver.  SOLD   

For Sale:  Coles Power Models Live Steam Water Pump


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Coles power models live steam water pump. A vintage working unit for your steam engine. Comes as shown ready for use or display.

$600. Shipping not included. Shipped from Denver.   SOLD 


For Sale:  Steam Water Pump 1" or 1.5" scale


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Van Brocklin steam water pump for 1" or 1.5" scale. This unit was actually made by Bill Van Brocklin and it's pump #26.Initialed W.V.B 26. Approximately 4" high. Comes as shown with oiler, valve and display stand. I have ran it on steam and it starts right up at around 5 psi and runs like a champ. Don't miss out on this piece of steam history for your locomotive or display.

$1,500. Local pickup in Denver. Shipping and crating is an option an an additional cost.  SOLD   



For Sale:  Live Steam Power Plant 

 Reduced to $5,000


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Live steam power plant.  Unbelievable working miniature steam plant made in 1979-1980 by John Holst from Colorado springs. 12" diameter boiler with weighted safety directed through a large smoke stack. 38" x 28" wooden base and nice table. The removable stack stands over 6' tall. 8.25" flywheels. Detailed reversing, neutral  capabilites with water pump and oiler. An incredible operating piece of steam history.

$7,000. Reduced to $5,000  Local pickup in Denver preferred but shipping and crating is an option an an additional cost. Contact me 



For Sale:  1" scale 4.75" ga. Little Engines 0-4-0


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1" scale 4.75" gauge Little Engines 0-4-0. Built in 1970. A nice build with copper boiler. Current hydro that is good ( have Certificate) Propane fired and includes
nice propane tank car with a tank that never needs to be re-certified.  Easily removable from the frame by four knurled knobs sot that the tank can be brought in to be filled separately. You will have no problems filling this tank since it is stamped for Permanant install.
Nicely detailed brass tender with hand pump. Loco has cab operated cylinder drain valves. Front fillable mechanical oiler, injector and a Duplex steam operated pump on the left of the loco that works great..Has a nice large whistle under the right running board. Working headlight and cab lighting ( not hooked up but wiring is there) Great stack talk and spot on timing.. These running engines are getting harder to find especially in this condition and build quality.
Also throwing in a rare all aluminum cast flatcar with this package. (U.P.)

$7,000.  Pick up preferred but crating and truck freight is available.  Shipping from Denver CO.   SOLD



For Sale:  1" scale F3 / F7 Locomotive Nose


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1" scale cast aluminum F3/F7 diesel nose. Heavy casting with the chin piece at 5/8" thick. Measures 10 1/8" wide and 14.75" high. Has tabs for sides cast into nose. A Backyard Train Co. Product. New and ready for that 1" scale diesel build.

 $650 plus $20 shipping from Denver CO. Thanks for looking. Contact me    SOLD  



For Sale:  1" scale 4.75" ga. Backyard Train Co NW-2 Switcher


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1" scale Backyard Train Co NW-2 switcher brand new and undecorated. Approx. 15" high 10.5" wide and over 47" long.Ready to run with Pheonix PB-8 NW2 sound ( bell/Horn) and a nice 6" subwoofer. Regenerative braking and a controller that can handle the heavy loads. 2 lawn tractor batteries provide the power. (4) 24v motors TIG welded trucks and 40" scale CNC'd IBLS wheels. Fully equalized and sprung trucks with Faux brakes. 14GA body shell that is easily removeable. Plenty of details including bronze horn, bell hand railings. Also has prewired headlights front/rear and lighted number boards and ditch lighting. 6000.00 plus $225 shipping and crating from Denver.

$6,000.    Reduced to $5500   Shipping and crating from Denver $225.   SOLD  



For Sale:  1" scale 4.75" ga. Little Engines 4-6-2 Pacific  



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1" scale 4.75" GA Little Engines 4-6-2 Pacific. Current boiler cert. Copper boiler set up for coal.
Nickel plated drivers. Automatic side exhaust cylinder steam drain cocks. Working air brakes. Super scale sight glass and valves. Handpump, axle pump and injector. Correct little engines cast iron trucks. Mock up steel generator and Duplex pump( faux) A low run time engine, rolls smoothly with no binding. Needs a few things. The rear cab wall needs final riveting. Comes with aluminum roof. Nicely detailed and needs a new home.

Don't miss out these are getting harder to find. 00. 8000.00

$8,000.   Shipping and crating from Denver $250.     SOLD   










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