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For Sale:  MB&S 5 x 7 Steam Engine


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Vertical 5 x 7 steam engine. Makerís name is M B & S Ltd..The chest and cylinder are in excellent condition. The engine rotated freely after I loosened the main journal caps and backed off the packing retainers. The two crosshead oilers are missing and the lid for the rod oilcup is as well.
All the plugs and nipples turned out easily, I feel the engine could be run after a couple of days work in the shop.
I can provide photos of requested areas or components to serious potential buyers. 
The price is US $2,200 and is not going to drop. Itís not enough money to change my life and I reckon Iíd enjoy getting it chuffing away if no-one wants it. Iím located just north of the north North Dakota border, and would deliver the engine on a pallet to any terminal in Grand Forks, ND for gas money and one food stop. Contact me.










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