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For Sale:  7.25" ga. Aluminum Caboose

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 Caboose is all aluminium construction. The cab can be lifted off the frame for accessibility to the interior. It has working signal lights powered by batteries. Arch Bar trucks and all bearing and cast iron wheels. The coupler is my own design. See photo.  

$1,000. Montreal, Canada. Contact me.


For Sale:  Four Two 7.25" ga. Gon Riding Cars  


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  2 Gondola riding cars. All steel framed and aluminium sides with plywood floor. they are 7 Ft long and 14 inches wide. Arch Bar trucks with all ball bearing and cast iron wheels. The couplers are my own design. See photo.   Cars could be sold separately.


 $750 (USD) each. Buyer pays for shipping.  Can export.  Montreal, Canada.  Contact me.









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