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For Sale:  1/8 Scale Alco Type G Power Reverse



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A full description of this Power Reverse and its operation may be seen in Locomotive Cyclopedia, 1930, pages 622 and 623. 

This model was designed by Boynton Greene and the patterns created by Dick Thomas.  Jim Higman borrowed the patterns and produced a run of bronze castings.  He machined these and made the other parts in his Santa Barbara shop, giving them his characteristic fine fit and finish.  After his passing, I acquired the parts and assembled and bench tested these units. 

The stroke of the power reverse is 1-7/8" and is designed to be used with a Baker valve gear.  I was told that it can be used on "Little Engines" but needs to be set for 100% in forward and 66-75% in reverse. These units are located in Santa Barbara, California.  They are ready to install on your locomotive.   


Price: $950. plus shipping costs.  Sales tax applicable to sales within California.  Contact me.









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