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For Sale:  Golden Glow Locomotive Headlight
Type EF128 W/ Copper Housing

 Reduced to $899



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I could not find a photo on the internet of another copper housed locomotive headlamp. I could be wrong but it does seem to be a rare piece of locomotive history.

Golden Glow Locomotive Headlight Type EF128 With Copper Housing. My Great Grandfather was given this headlamp by a friend who worked in the train graveyard around the Barrie Ontario area, in the 1940s. It was passed down to my father in the 1970s, where my father stripped the paint off to expose the copper housing. I don't know anything about the history of this light when it was in service but I will try to give as much detail as possible. I am selling this in "as is" condition. From what my father tells me, with a little work, wired and inspected by a certified electrician, it could be put in working condition again.  With a little work, this copper housed locomotive headlamp could be polished up to a gorgeous finish.

Headlamp is 13 1/4" High x 13" Deep   Information on the upper ID plate:

Golden Glow Locomotive Headlamp Trademark Reg
September 10 1912, Mar 10 1914, May 16 1916, July 26 1921
Type EF 128
Electric Service Supplies Co
Philadelphia-New York-Chicago

Information on the lower ID plate:
Lyman Tube & Supply Co. Ltd.
Canadian Distributors

Additional light that connects to the back of the main headlight with 4 bolts. I'm not sure what the purpose of this light is. The light has a light socket in it and it appears to be original. The lower part of the hinge that holds the front cover on is broken and missing. The yellow reflector is in decent shape as you can see by the photo. There is a smaller lens that seems to fit the reflector. I am uncertain of how it fits. The light socket appears to be in working condition and looks to be in good shape. There are some small dents in the top of the copper housing that could be repaired. There isn't a lens in the cover, but the bracket that holds the lens is there and is in good shape. I find the copper rivets holding the some of iron parts on a beautiful accent.

I will be supplying some brass bolts that my father purchased with a light bulb that should fit the main headlamp. I will supply some power cable for wiring the light if the purchaser is so inclined.

I do not know if it is safe to wire and run. Please consult a certified electrician before powering this light up. I assume no responsibility for anyone's safety after they purchase this light. I am selling this as in and in non-working condition

$ 2000  Reduced to $899 (USD)  (USD) plus shipping. 














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