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For Sale:  Vertical Copper Boiler




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  Pressure vessel built in 2011 by an expert who’s built over 100 copper boilers. Silver soldered with Cadmium free Safety Silv 45.  Pressure vessel is 6” diameter, 18" long with 0.140” thick wall.  28 1/2" ID copper tubes. 6 square ft. of heated surface. Is 4-1/2 feet tall with the stack on. The firebox outside dimensions are: 11" wide, 11" deep, and 10" tall, not including the brackets on the bottom.

Hydro tested to 160 psi.  Both safety valves are set to 75 psi.  There are two 1/4 NPT steam outlets and two 1/16 NPT water inlets.  Sight glass includes a blowdown valve.   Includes a nice 100 psi pressure gauge.

Firebox is lined with firebrick.  The damper opening can be adjusted to control air flow.  Can be run with wood, propane, or coal.  Located in Central Illinois.

Will be disassembled and shipped in at least 2 boxes.  Email me for more photos or questions.  

$1,000 Price does not include shipping.   SOLD  









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