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For Sale:  Scotch Marine Boiler

 Reduced to $2,000


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This Scotch Marine Boiler came out of the British Navy Pinnace Oceanid owned by Robert Hale Ellis, Jr.


The Oceanid was brought to Seattle from England in May 1960. After many years of service, the diagonal planked mahogany hull had expired and was later scrapped out in 2014. The British Oceanid was one of the few ships that were not coal burners it has always burned oil. It appears to be in a repairable condition but this can be determined by the potential buyers inspection. It has been recently sandblasted and re primed.This is definitely a one of a kind piece.


All the bronze flanged fittings are available upon request and at extra cost


There is a detailed article in the magazine, Steamboat and Steam launches (Jan/Feb 1962), which tells about the vessel and the machinery.


Launch Boiler No. 376
6' 0" Diameter
6" 1/4" Length
Working Pressure 120 lbs
Hydraulic Test Pressure 230 lbs, Stamped 11-9-1945
Heating Surface 264 Sq Ft
Grate area 13.75 Sq Ft


Manufactured by Ruston & Hornsby LTD Boiler Works, Lincoln, England


Asking $9,000 Reduced to $2,000   Located in Arlington, WA.  For further info Contact me.


For Sale:  Cast Iron Water Column


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This Cast Iron Water Column Gage is in excellent condition.  18" long, 1" Pipe going in with 5/8" Tube Glass 

 Asking; $325.00 includes shipping. Located in Arlington, WA.    SOLD  


For Sale:  Lubricator



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This is a beautiful lubricator. Perfect for display or for use on your piece of iron, looks to be original patina. 16" long and 4" diameter. 6 - multiple sight-feed lubricator, very rare find. Please feel free to email with any questions about this beauty. There are no cracks in the glass, but shows wear on the brass. Nothing a little polishing can't fix. Don't pass this up, this is the only one I have. Drip oil outlets are 1/8" NTP with a union bonnet.

$1,000    SOLD  










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