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For Sale 4 Aspect Semaphore Signal


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I have for sale this rare 4 aspect semaphore railroad signal order board for sale!
100% complete and in MINT condition! Rare Model!!!!!!All glass lenses.
Mint porcelain blade,and lamp too.
Stands about 15ft Tall , but pole can be cut to any height, located in Denver CO.

$4,500 OBO     SOLD 



For Sale Fairbury Wooden Folding 10 ft Windmill


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I have for sale this fully restored Fairbury windmill.
All new bearings and shafts and new cypress wood wheel.
This is a very rare model and looks great anywhere, maybe next to a wooden water tank or caboose or depote. Comes with 20 ft steel tower, or you can just buy the windmill unit alone and build a wooden tower, as I have nice EASY blueprint tower plans.  100% complete and ready to assemble
$4,500 W/tower or $4,200 without tower and can ship too! Local pickup is preferred. Located in Denver, Co. Contact me using the form below.













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