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For Sale:  Grand Scale "F" style Locomotive Project


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One semi finished Grand Scale F unit locomotive. There are still certain options available such as gauge (14", 15" or 16") so please write for details.
This unit comes with all openings cut out and the riveting and major body work done.  Most of the details are applied. The buyer will also receive a headlight kit, number board kit, and a grab iron kit. No welding is required and very little drilling if recommended parts are purchased to finish out. This is a rolling shell with driven trucks meaning I can install motor mount of choice on trucks, and choice of sprocket size on the axles. There are no hydraulic or electric motors included at this price but do have available for an additional fee.  Buyer would need to install drive system of choice. I can supply drive system parts (electric or hydraulic) for an additional fee.

Price for this locomotive as seen in photos in full black epoxy primer is $19,500 firm.  This is an excellent opportunity to own a grand scale locomotive and finish it and save big. Finished units are priced starting at $32,000. Located in Lufkin Texas. Shipping and crating is available at buyers expense. Contact me.



For Sale:  24" gauge Grand Scale Wheels & Axles


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I have a set of 24" gauge wheels, axles, and journal boxes for sale.  There are 8 wheels, 8 journals and 4 axles in this set.

The wheels are broached and the axles have keyways.  The journal boxes are machined for 1.5" thick side frames. These wheels and axles have not been pressed together.

I can press these together for and add bearings and sprockets/etc for an additional charge.

Wheels are 12" overall diameter and 10.5 over tread. One of the photos show a set of trucks I built using these components.

$2,950 for eight wheels, four axles, and eight journals. Located in Lufkin, Texas. Contact me.


For Sale:  24" gauge Grand Scale Trucks


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Order a pair of 24" gauge driven trucks using the parts shown above. These trucks are heavy duty and weigh over 550 lbs. each.

$8,500 per pair of trucks. Includes sprockets and motor mount. Actual motors not included. Located in Lufkin, Texas. Contact me.












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