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For Sale:   7.5" ga. Gas Locomotive




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This is a Bethlehem Locomotive Works (which I believe was formerly Miller Locomotive?) Diesel engine.  It is 7.5" gauge with 4 wheel trucks, cast side frames.  The engine is currently not running.  It has a forward/reverse gearbox actuated from the cab and I believe it originally had a 5 HP Briggs engine for power through a centrifugal clutch.  Included is a 3 HP Briggs removed from a little gasser and it's transmission.  This would be enough o get you going for sure, or sell that and put in an electric motor for the drive  and a few batteries.  
Not a perfectly scaled locomotive, but basically 1.5"/1.6".  Built heavy with a hinged hood.  Some controls still in the cab and there is an air horn underneath.  Also included are an extra pair of miller/BLW couplers and coupler pockets.  Sills/steps are a little bent but could be straightened easily.
Asking $800 as is.  Will listen to all offers, don't be shy.  This would certainly get you on the rails and could be detailed up as you wish. Located in SE PA, for pick up in zip 19475 or 19518.  Could also meet at Pennsylvania Live Steamers for a landmark.       SOLD  

For Sale:   Bronze Bell


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Very nice 14.5" Bronze bell on mahogany round wood base.  The ~1/2" x 2" steel support is shaped nicely with the bell.  Bronze ball finial on top.  Obviously not a correct locomotive harp, but shined up this will make a great looking display.  Clappers in in the bell with a string pull and it sounds very good.  No major dents/scratches as you can see, just some patina.  

Asking $800 or best offer.  Don't be scared to ask.  Located in SE PA and can be picked up in zip code 19518.  Buyer responsible for all shipping/crating/packaging and actual shipping if you would like it sent.   Contact me.

For Sale:  Bronze Locomotive Bell



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16-3/8" diameter Bronze Locomotive bell in cradle.  This was obviously painted many times over the years and before I spend the time to blast and paint the harp and clean up the bell, I'm offering it as is first.  

Overall it is in great condition with no cracks or welds that I can see.  The Bell itself has little to no dings, dents, scratches, etc.  It appears to have a coat of paint on the outer surface of the bell or a patina and clear possible.  Not a lot of wear or blemishes inside the bell either.  Some rust under paint and on clapper, but rotates easily.  Could use some oil.  Ringer crank on one side, pull on the other.  Heavy top mount harp for ?? (Big B&O, later engines?)  Can not see any numbers on the bell top without some good cleaning or paint stripping.  
$1200 or best offer. Sold as is, to be picked up from zip 19518 - South East PA, outside Reading.  Will crate for $100 and all shipping charges buyer's responsibility.     SOLD  










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