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For Sale:  3.5" ga. Little Engines Northern Project


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3/4 scale 3.5 inch guage Northern. Includes Frame running on air, boiler, smoke box, and partially completed Cab. Other misc castings and parts included. Machine work on frame is exceptional. All brass and cast iron old Little Engines castings.

 $3,000. FOB Dallas area. Contact me.


For Sale:  3.5" ga. Copper Tender


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3/4 scale 3.5 inch gauge all copper tender with 6 wheel trucks. Workmanship is high quality.

$2,100. FOB Dallas area.  Contact me.


For Sale:  3.5" ga. Engineer's Car


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3/4 scale 3.5 gauge engineers riding car with trucks and brake.

$400 or can be included with the locomotive and tender sale. FOB Dallas area. Contact me.


For Sale:  3.5" ga. Northern Project


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3/4 scale 3.5 inches gauge Northern. Running on air needs pluming and final fitting of cab. Box pock drivers quality machine work put this one with the copper tender and be running in 6 months.

 $3,800. FOB Dallas area. Contact me.









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