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For Sale:  Box Type Signal Lamp

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Cute little box type signal lamp that lights up when plugged inn. Lens is only 4 inches across so it would make a fine kitchen table lamp to have dinner by or just hang on the wall with a dimmer switch. Another way to re purpose this cute little lamp is to make a front porch light out of it or use it in child's bedroom over the crib as a cute night light.   

$527.00 OBO. Contact for any questions using the form below.      SOLD  


For Sale:  GRS Four Piece Table Interlocker Device
from the CB&Q

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Old General Railway Signal Co. rare 4 piece table interlocker device. Two tables are marked switches and two are marked signals. This is a very old BURLINGTON ROUTE signal tower collectible antique piece of railroad hardware. Fine used condition but one top handle of the 4 has come loose. Easy fix.

Comes with four original C.B.& Q. RR signal dept locks still intact on top of each and tables are numbered 1 through 4. Item is a fine, hard to come by RR artifact off the BURLINGTON ROUTE. Reluctant to part with this potentially but it is very heavy and hard for me to mange / move so I have decided to offer it up for sale...but for a price !... I am unable to easily manage this as I once did due to weight.

Asking $3,000 OBO  Reduced to $1200  or possible trade item. Can be picked up locally (Dallas). Contact for any questions using the form below.     SOLD   


For Sale:  USS H5 Searchlight Operating Mechanism
 Reduced to $185

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Union Switch & Signal Co. style H5 searchlight operating mechanism in good used condition. Displays red, yellow, green when installed into an H5 searchlight railroad signal. 

 $250 + shipping.  Reduced to $185 + Shipping  Can be picked up locally (Dallas). Contact for any questions using the form below.


For Sale:  Western RR Supply (WRRS) Crossing Signal Cover
 Reduced to $20

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This WRRS Model 10 Crossing Signal Cover may be just the part you need. Cast iron with a patent date on it of 1939.
 $70 $32   Reduced to $20  + shipping. Can be picked up locally (Dallas). Contact for any questions using the form below.


For Sale:  GRS 2A Semaphore Signal Parts


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General Railway Signal Company model 2A semaphore signal parts for sale.  Includes large back case door for motor housing in good condition.  2nd item is the high semaphore signal bearing off a GRS 2A style signal that U bolts to a 5 inch diameter post , pipe or signal mast pole. This is only the bearing, no motor. Good condition other than some jack ass torched off the end of the shaft / spindle most likely to remove a stubborn semaphore spectacle that would not come off easily  . Obviously, this damaged the shaft end. I was going to get some cold roll steel bar stock and have it machined , shaft repaired where it would once again allow a semaphore spectacle to mount onto the spindle / shaft and then U bolt this signal bearing to a tall post and place a spectacle on it fixed at 45 degrees and make a fixed approach semaphore display amber / yellow but never got around to it. So it is up for sale if any one like to try. Great piece for an approach fixed signal display if repaired.

$150  Reduced to $100  + shipping. Can be picked up locally (Dallas). Contact for any questions using the form below.   SOLD  


For Sale:  GRS 2A Semaphore Spectacle


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General Railway Signal Co. model 2A semaphore spectacle off the SOUTHERN Ry.  Item in fine used condition with all glass lens intact.

$500 + shipping. Can be picked up locally (Dallas) or shipped via Fedex freight as it is to large to fit into a box. The local box n ship mailing and package supply co. can box this up and mail it for around $200 shipping fee. 


For Sale:  USS Dwarf Colorlight Signal


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Union Switch & Signal Co dwarf Colorlight signal in good used condition. Style TN-2 is rare and was used on the MKT RR (Katy) on top of a signal mast pole back to back as a train order signal. This one has the top visor slightly bent and cast into back door patent date of OCT 2 1917. 
$1,250.   Can be  picked up locally (Dallas) or shipped on a wood pallet.
Contact for any questions using the form below.


For Sale:  GRS Three Position Dwarf Semaphore

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General Railway Signal Co. three position dwarf semaphore spectacle with all glass optical lens. Item is a very fine reproduction off a pattern from very rare original. You can see by the lines, shape and contours that it's different from a US&S Co. style. 

$400. Available for pick up in Dallas TX area or can be shipped via FedEx ground . Contact for any questions using the form below.    SOLD  


For Sale:  Rock Island Style B Semaphore Signal Operating Mechanism
 Reduced to $2,000


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Above is what these looked like in service.

Rock Island style B semaphore signal operating mechanism. Very early style motorized Union Switch & Signal Co. "rack & pinion" type, is very rare and allows a lower quadrant signal to display the yellow caution aspect where as most can only display red or green. This one is in fine used condition. This type was also used on the Milwaukee road but with an upper quad spectacle.  
Also includes the 90 degree lower quadrant spectacle that takes 6 1/2 inch lens. No blade, lens or retainer rings do I have for this restoration project. This spectacle is the rare style with no stud for a mechanical connection so it was never one half or one side of a train order semaphore signal. This spectacle was for early electric motorized semaphore signals. Very rare LQ spectacle.

$2,500 OBO Reduced to $2,000 Local pickup near Dallas TX. or can be shipped on 4 x 4 woods pallet(s) via FedEx Ground for actual freight charges. See pics attached what these looked like in service.



For Sale:  Ceramic Railroad Battery Jar Covers

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A lot of 4 (four) old ceramic railroad battery jar covers in good used condition. Could use a cleaning. They are marked as follows:

1. B S CO primary battery signal model, battery supplies co Newark N.J.

2.EDISON made in USA

3.RSA SIGNAL CELL Waterbury battery co. Waterbury CONN. USA

4.WATERBURY PRIMARY CELL, Waterbury battery Co. Waterbury Conn.

$40.00 +  Reduced to $10 for the lot   postage. Shipping can be FedEx ground and boxed up securely to prevent damage. Or  picked up locally near Dallas.   SOLD  


For Sale:  GRS Telegraph Pole Terminal Junction
 Reduced to $115


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Western Railroad Supply Company telegraph pole terminal junction cast iron case box is very ornate and more scarce JUMBO large size. In good used condition, this sign would look hanging on display with all your other collection of old signs.  Darker shade is only rain water that was inside when picked up, got wet.

$175.  Reduced to $115  Have not weighed this yet but email if interested and could be shipped via FedEx ground or picked up locally near Dallas.   SOLD  


For Sale:  GRS "SA" Searchlight Target Signal

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General Railway Signal Company type SA searchlight target signal in good clean used condition works well and displays red, amber, green signal indications. Lightweight aluminum housing and operating relay weigh in at 67 pounds. Hasp for lock is missing on back signal door on this one. Includes mounting bracket for 5 inch pipe or post. Need 2 u bolts / nuts to mount. This unit is actuated (switch colors) with a DC rectifier and lit up with a step down AC transformer at about 7 to 8 volts power. Email if interested.

If you want one but can't afford the price, you can ask your friendly local railroad signal crews / employees when they're taking these out of service for one and they will gladly give you one as a freebie, no questions ask...cause the railroads are so friendly and want to be nice and give away freebies just for the asking of this old equipment and eager please the public. ;-)

 Asking $650.    Reduced to $400   Can be shipped or picked up locally near Dallas.



For Sale:  Train Order Signal Blades





Pair of train order signal blades 48 inches long in good used condition, not perfect but very old , used many years on the Katy RR (MKT Lines) lower quadrant signal.

$300.00 and I toss in free shipping.    SOLD 











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