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For Sale:  Pacific Electric Railway Warning Whistle




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VERY RARE, Brass "Pacific Electric Railway Warning Whistle". This is the last of 4 of these I've offered for sale. In Beautiful Condition, has been polished and the barrel is free of dents.  The single tone is a deep sound. These were mounted on the front of the Trolleys. This one has the original whistle valve included and it was mounted inside the unit over the controller. The Stamping on the whistle is PERY (Pacific Electric Railway).  It weighs about 4 lbs.. The Barrel is 1 1/2" diameter and 19" long. 

Price is $850 plus shipping. Or, you can make arrangements to pick it up at Golden Gate Live Steamers in Tilden Park, Berkeley, CA.     SOLD  



For Sale:  7.5" ga. Key System Bridge Units 



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Replicas of the commuter trains that ran across the Oakland Bay Bridge to San Francisco. These working models were built around 1982 and when coupled up, they are approximately 14' long. Powered by 6 can motors in 3 powered trucks (24 volts). 

To transport them, there is a special jack that separates the units in the middle into two 7' units. A fourth truck is easily installed so both units can be moved. The working bell, horn, and head lights are a great representation of the originals. Body sides are steel and roofs are aluminum. The track gauge is 7-1/2". Six new 12 volt batteries are included. Also included is a Mercer Flat car with two seats and two engine stands for storage. 

Price is $12,500.  Reduced to $8,000  Shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer. Trains may be seen at the GGLS facility in Berkeley, CA. Contact me












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