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For Sale:  Kid Steam Hand Pedal Trains. Track, Fencing



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A complete set that includes two tracks and six riding cars. Three of the cars are the commercial grade Aluminum and 3 are fiberglass but of course you can still use for business or whatever you want to do.

I also have all the wheeled Kidsteam cases for the track. In addition, I have the aluminum fencing that goes around the track when you set up the stuff for a festival or show.You can rent out for train birthday parties or school fairs or the like. This is very legit and presents something different from renting a trackless train made from barrels.

This ride also requires no electricity with is a huge benefit is some scenarios. There is ALOT of track here (230 feet). This setup costs above $20k with both of these sets from Kidsteam. In the pictures we put the two track sets together for recreational use.   All trains are in new or very good condition.  

. Trains are in the Southwest Houston area to be viewed or picked up  SOLD









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