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For Sale:  Railroad lights, Electric Crossing Bell, Gate Controller

Reduced to $3495


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Misc. parts

1.  5 ea.  clear 8 1/2" ribbed lens

2.  10 ea. 12" General Signal Lexan lens  812-2032

3.  4 ea.  12" MI p/n 01510048 reflectors, with no central hole

5.  24 ea.  20" steel Safetran black light rings, 8 1/2" central hole -new

6.  7 ea.  20" steel Safetran black light rings, 8 1/2" central hole - unused

7.  15 ea. mix of steel and aluminum light visors - used, but fixable

8.  12 ea. Aluminum light back rings, 12 1/4 holes, need flattened

Lights, several with fittings, arms to make pairs and quads

9.  2 ea.  Transport Products, Model P light, red 8 1/2" lens, w/backs and visors

10.  2 ea. Western-Cullen-Hayes red lights - 12 1/4" lens

11.  16 ea. Harmon red lights - 12 1/2" lens, 9 with fixable back rings and visors

12.  8 ea. Safetran red lights - 12 1/2" lens

13.  7 ea. Harmon red lights, 12 1/2" lens - all need repairs, 4 replace reflectors, 5 replace lens

14.  2 ea. Safetran Systems red lights - 12 1/2" lens - replace lens

Gate controller and arms

15.  1 ea  Safetrans Systems crossing gate controller, with 2ea. counter weights, 2 x 14' gate arms and 2 x 8' gate arms  Works fine

Electric Railroad Gate Bell

16. Vintage Railroad RR Crossing Bell, 12" Diameter, 12 V, Train, Antique, Made by Railroad Accessories Corp. Type 2B Raco 52, 40222 Serial Number 4981 Sold as found; Tested, needs replacement diode, included - not installed. After diode installed, the bell will need to be adjusted for ring rate. No apparent damage inside. New bolt to secure back. No cracks in case.

Express Mail Bag Catcher

17.  Express Mail Bag Catcher, aluminum  Model 235774-08, mounts on pole next to rail

Crossing gate mounting post

18.  Crossing gate post:   8' tall, 6" diameter, on 17" iron mounting box with some electrical distribution strips, with cap (to remove if bell is mounted.  

I would really like someone to take the whole collection in one lot.  Nothing has been "cleaned up", all original "patina"  remains.  I don't want to get complaints that I had ruined the value by incompetently cleaning anything.   

$5,500 Reduced to $3495  for the entire lot on the pallets. A pickup, with a trailer would be best to transport.  I will help pack and load, but a couple helpers with me would be best, maybe an enclosed unit with moving blankets (like I used to bring it all here) would be best .  There are some pails and boxes with misc. other parts, covers and hardware that will be included.   Everything railroad in the pix will be included.

Offers for substantial quantities of the lights, for instance, will be considered.  Just a few parts are needed to make all the units whole. No really wrecked units are here, I don't even think any sandblasting is needed.

I am located in the Powers / Barnes area in Colorado Springs, CO. Ask for more photos. Contact me.











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