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For Sale:  7.5" ga. Southern Class PS4 in 1.5" scale


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This is a highly detailed model of #1396 (circa 1926) as delivered by Alco to the Southern Railroad. Built by Bob Dean and detailed by Paul Levy.

 This engine was built using the drawings found in the William Fitt large format book, The Southern PS4 copyright 1973, Wildwood. All of the steel and brass parts used on the engine and tender were water-jet cut and CNC machined using the prototype Fitt erection drawings.  This is the only engine built by Bob Dean that is not in his personal roster.  Painted and super detailed by Paul Levy the intent was to build as accurate an engine as possible only making changes from the prototype for real world 1.5” scale live steam operation. An art deco, museum quality engine that runs as good as it looks.  It can easily be trailered in a 5' x 8' U-Haul trailer.   It's in perfect running condition with all accessories and appliances operating as designed.

Engine last steamed in February 2015 at Central Pasco & Gulf RR, Pasco County, FL  Construction began in 2003. The basic engine, chassis and boiler in running condition was completed in 2006. Detailing and completion of the engine has been ongoing since ’06. My thanks to Bob Dean of Bob Dean Supply, Ft. Myers, FL for the construction of this engine.



  • Cylinder Bore: 2.750" Diameter

  • Cylinder Stroke: 3.500"

  • Piston Valves: 1.500" Diameter


  • Roger Goldman cylinders and baker valve gear as delivered by Alco to Southern RR, circa 1926

  • CNC machined and nickel plated main and side rods

  • drivers: 73”, webbed one-off cast stainless by Sims following the prototype drawings. - 9” diameter 17 spoke as per prototype; cast approximately 30 years ago and never used

  • all wheel journals use ball bearings

  • stainless boiler

  • boiler diameter 10.250” at the smokebox front

  •  true conical boiler

  •  53-˝” rolled copper flues

  • steel crown sheet and firebox

  • propane fired with 32 acorn burners plus pilot burner

  • uses approximately one 30-gallon propane tank per day.

  • comes with 2 horizontal 30 gallon propane tanks housed in the tender sitting on a stainless steam heated cradle to prevent fuel tank freezing

  • Superscale  pop-off valves

  • Superscale boiler check valves

  •  working Elesco feedwater heater

  •  two Superscale, Chicago injectors

  • Superscale steam operated cylinder drain cocks

  • Moe’s loco steam feedwater pump

  • Moe’s loco steam air pump for brakes

  • Superscale valves used throughout

  • 12 volt/5amp steam alternator/generator under cab

  • electric bell ringer

  • working headlight, classification lights, number boards

  • brass cab

  • Graham White sanders by Superscale

  • David Moore’s steam driven cut-off and power reverse

  • Moore”s Franklin butterfly door

  • Nathan DV-7 mechanical oiler

  • two Loco Parts mechanical lubricators (separate cylinder steam and valve lubricators), self-priming

  • About 13’ long

  • weighs about 1,000 LBS

  • scratch built lead truck, equalized and sprung

  • scratch built rear Hodgekiss truck, equalized and sprung

  •  frame water-jet cut steel exact to the drawing 

  • spring assemblies Superscale

  • equalization Superscale

  •  frame spreaders Superscale

  • entire frame and front end custom built

  •  brake hangers/assemblies Superscale

  • axel pump

  • scratch built rear frame extension



  • scratch built steel water-jet-cut frame

  • steel tank shell

  • brass top and detail parts

  •  custom CNC machined six wheel Commonwealth tender trucks with full brake detail following Superscale truck as the pattern (aluminum Billet side-frames and swing bolsters)

  • stainless water tank

  • stainless steam-heated propane gas-tank cradle (to prevent gas tank freezing)

  • high and low pressure gas gauges

  • 12 volt battery in battery box (engine electrical system is self contained within the engine and tender -- all lighting is 5 volt DC)

  • steam driven 12 volt 5 amp alternator under cab with diode to convert from AC to DC



  • Accurate Sylvan green color (color match was done to an actual Southern RR part, circa 1949.

  • Dulux gold decal striping and letters

  • Rizzolli loco works solid brass whistle replicates the steam boat sound of the prototype

  • rare Superscale 5 chime whistle mounted on steam dome

  • 12 volt battery in battery box under tender

  • lights are 5 volt using 12 volt to 5 volt regulators

  • Brad Bluth detail castings


This engine will be delivered with:

  • Start-up blower

  • Steel I-beam engine crib on casters

  • Tender crib on casters

  • A transport crib which sits in the bottom of a 5 X 8 enclosed U-Haul trailer for transport 

  • Urethane paints and paint formulas used on the engine

  •  2 horizontal 30 gallon propane tanks

  • one set of propane gauges and valves for the 20 gallon start-up propane tank for pre-run firing of the engine-to conserve tender fuel.

  • Water valve and fitting for water filling of cold boiler

$60,000. The locomotive is located in central Florida near Orlando and can be viewed there. Shipping is only an option if you do 100% of the arrangements including price estimates for transport and insurance. Contact me using the form below.










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