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For Sale:  7.5" ga. Allen Consolidation Project


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1.5 Scale, 7.5 gauge Allen Consolidation kit. Complete kit of castings and drawings less the cab section. Water jet cut main frames. Machine finished cylinder block, crosshead guides and crossheads, with an extra pair of rough crossheads. Includes drawings.  

Also, includes items to complete the Allen Consolidation kit, incliding: Bearings. Mechanical lubricator. Steam operated cylinder drain cocks. Drifting valves. Injector and starting valve. Keim  2 cylinder steam operated water pump with hydrostatic lubricator. Boiler check valves. Blow down valves. Air and steam gauges. Safety valves. Brake valve. Misc MTP fittings. Water glass. Finished steam generator (dummy). Hand rail stanchions. Headlight. Whistle. Bell kit. Vacuum ejector. Boiler tube. Several pounds of model bolts, nuts and washers (literally THOUSANDS of these)...sizes up to 10-32, a few larger. Box of clippard air fittings for brake lines, etc. CNC manufactured tender kit with all folds, bends and rivet holes, with Cleco tool and clamps for easy assembly, rivets included. Finished tender trucks. Bronze couplers. YOU WILL HAVE TO DO VERY LITTLE HUNTING TO FIND THE FEW ADDITIONAL ITEMS NEEDED TO COMPLETE THIS LOCOMOTIVE! Check prices with suppliers and you will see that this is a bargain for: 

$11,000. Reduced to $7000 It's the most complete kit you are likely to find anywhere!  Pick up in Atlanta, GA. Delivery outside the area is negotiable. Contact me using the form below.









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