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For Sale:  7.5" ga. 90 Ton 3-Truck Shay Project



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90 ton 3-truck Shay 7.5 gauge, 1.5 scale steam locomotive with tender project completion   Our 90 ton 3-truck Shay (1.5 scale, 7.5 gauge) is definitely a project for someone with patience and a real appreciation of Shay Locomotives and attention to detail.

This particular locomotive was inspired by the Shay that was at Point Defiance Camp 6 in Tacoma for many years. She is about 80% complete with some brake, plumbing, engine, propane burner and finish work required. The greatest need is to refurbish the 3 cylinder engine. It has been tested on air, but most of the valve gear should be re-machined using the best materials available. New parts can be duplicated from what is already in place.

The 2011 boiler has passed the Washington State Boiler Inspection and she just completed her most recent hydrostatic test on 4/8/16.

If you pick up the locomotive in Tacoma, WA, we will give you a $300 rebate for travel expenses (and a little more of you travel a significant distance). We can crate and transport to a shipper in the Puget Sound region for a small fee to cover the cost of crate materials. A metal stand w/wheels will be included in the purchase price.

We are asking $11,800 USD with the purchaser paying for shipping fees. Our Shay is located in Tacoma, WA.   SOLD 


For Sale:  Dean Merrill Compound Steeple Steam Engine

Price reduced to $4900 plus FREE SHIPPING


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Dean Merrill Compound Steeple Steam Engine

 3-1/2x 6 x 4.5 Compound Steeple Marine Engine built by Dean Merrill. It's 46 tall; 18 wide and 24 long approx. 450#. Includes feed water pump,lubricator, u-joint shaft coupler, and a 0-250# solid brass Lonergan Steam gauge.  Sorry, delightful doggy and pretty lady are not included.

$5220. Price reduced to $4900 plus FREE SHIPPING  Engine is located in Tacoma, WA. We will crate and ferry to shipper.    Contact me.




For Sale:  Lonergan Steam Gauges



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4 face (threaded cover) Solid Brass (3.6#) Made for US Navy WWII Cyclotherm Auxilliary Boilers. Never used and in original boxes. All gauges have been bench tested.

  • 0-250# w/red indicator

  • 0-250# w/o red indicator

  • 0-300# (only 3 left)

Painted version (upper left) $90 plus $15 USPS shipping.
Paint removed (lower left) $105 plus $15 USPS shipping.
Polished (lower right) $190 plus $15 USPS shipping.

Will be shipped from Tacoma, WA.  Contact me.






For Sale:  Dumore Tool Post Grinder



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Dumore Tool Post Grinder made in U.S.A. 57-011 Model 8476 Excellent Condition

  • 3/4 h.p. motor, 110 volts, 8.6 amps.

  • New belt guard w/2 new belts

  • 7 Pulleys: 4, 3, 2.25, 2, 1.2, 1, .75

  • Diamond Dresser Assembly w/6 new bits

  • (2) Spindles (external 5X-350 & internal spindle type 5T-200)

  • 1/4" collet spindle insert w/sample bits

  • Metal Case w/tools

  • Complete operation and parts manual     

$545 & FREE SHIPPING (anywhere in lower U.S.)  Located in Tacoma, WA.  Contact me.  












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