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For Sale:  4.75" ga. Portable Track


Reduced to $1,000 


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Steel 4 3/4 gauge train track. Used once indoors. See photo of layout for specs.

$1,600.Reduced to $1,000   Hawthorne, CA south of Los Angeles.   Contact me.


For Sale:  7.5" ga. Custom Diesel Train

Reduced to $6,500 


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Custom Black Diesel Engine 7.5 gauge with five cars. Built for a special event and only used once. Hold 20 passengers. Can run a 11 hours on one charge. 

$8,000.Reduced to $6,600   Pick up in Hawthorne, CA south of Los Angeles or arrange for your own shipping.   Contact me.


For Sale:  7.5" ga. STEEL Train Track

Reduced to $1,900 


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Track is painted sliver and wooden ties are white. Only used for 11 hours like new. No Rust.

$2,900.Reduced to $1,900  Pick up in Hawthorne, CA south of Los Angeles. Bring a truck. NO SHIPPING. Contact me.


For Sale:  7.5" ga. Plum Cove Boxcab Electric Locomotive

 Reduced to $1,000



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7.5" Plum Cove Boxcab Electric Locomotive. Runs perfectly.  Contact me.

$1,500  Reduced to $1,000  for all. Pick up in Hawthorne, CA south of Los Angeles. Or arrange for your own shipping.   SOLD  .


For Sale:  7.5" ga. RMI Speeder
10 hrs.running time

 Reduced to $3,200



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 This, Almost Brand New, speeder is from RMI (Roll Models Inc.), It has only 10 hours of use, used once for a art installation.  The Heavy Duty Speeder features two 5/8 HP motors, the same 160-amp power module found in RMI's locomotives and room for four 12 volt batteries, the Heavy Duty Speeder is nothing short of a mighty midget. This unit can not only promise you an exciting solo ride, but can also pull a string of work or riding cars with its standard rear knuckle coupler. The power, stability and easy accessibility of this speeder make it ideal for club use.

$4,700.  Reduced to $3,200  Located in Hawthorne California.  Contact me.









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