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For Sale:  4.75" ga. Maxitrak "Alice"



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Maxitrak Hunslet 4-3/4" gauge (ALICE).   It is coal fired and has only been steamed on rain water since new.
This model represents the original “Alice”, as originally built, and comes in the livery quoted on the Hunslet order, “Painted Midland Railway color throughout”. She comes with virtually everything that was present on the full size engine including: twin cylinders with automatic drains, stephensons link valve gear with cab reverser, screw down brake gear, hand and axle boiler feed pumps, coal fired copper boiler, displacement lubricator, water and pressure gauges, etc.. Alice will pull up to four adults on level track and is as capable and character-full as her full-size counterparts.

SPECIFICATIONS: Scale 1”, Gauge 4 ¾”, Dimensions 25 x 10.4 x 14 in., Weight 66 lbs, Construction of brass & stainless steel, Cylinder 32 x 46 mm, Power is live steam, coal fired, Working Pressure 100 psi.  Shipping size & weight is 84 Pounds, 29" long X 16" wide X 18" high. (in the transport case).
Features:  Two cylinders w/ automatic drains, Piston valve, Displacement lubricator, Stephensons link valve gear, Axle boiler feed pumps, Screw down pressure gauge.

Includes a draft fan, shovel, 2lbs Coles Welsh Coal and a roller bed w/ball bearings for testing.

It has been run on a track three times and now my knees cannot get me down there any more, so I have to  give it up.  I am hearing impaired, so you will have to use e-mail to contact me.  I have all of the original paper work

 Reduced to $3,450    Located in Desoto, Missouri.   SOLD  .










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