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For Sale:  1-1/4" NPT Schutte & Korting #7 Locomotive Injector 1-1/4" NPT

 Reduced to $750 OBO 


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1-1/4" NPT Schutte & Korting #7 Locomotive Injector 1-1/4" NPT

Schutte & Korting #7 locomotive injector with 1-1/4" steam, water, and delivery ports. Injector is in fantastic shape and shows little signs of wear. All parts appear to be present, and all threaded ports and couplings are easily opened up and inspected. The overflow valve, check valve,  combining handle and arm arrangement move freely. Please take a look at the pictures and message me with any questions.

Asking Price: $1,500  Reduced to $750 OBO   + Shipping.  Item is located in Baltimore, MD.


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