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For Sale:  Myford Lathe



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Myford lathe, very complete with lots of accessories that are hard to find and very expensive to buy.  This lathe comes with a complete set of change gears, steady  rest, and follow rest.  It has original paint and has not been repainted and was purchased new by General Electric for use in a small lab.  It has their name engraved on the chucks and it has a 3 jaw chuck with both inside and outside jaws and a 4 jaw chuck as well. You can see by the pictures that the bed in in very good shape with the original frosting in good shape.  It has a Albrech keyless chuck that is 1/8 to 1/2 inch in size. Spare can of touch up pain and quick change tool post with 3 different tools.  It has catch plate for turning things between centers as well.  It has riser blocks to make it much easier.  It is set up with heavy duty 110 volt motor with forward and reverse so it is ready to go to work building fine projects. 

$3,500 for the lathe and all the accessories. Shipping is not a good option. It's located in Southern Minnesota.



For Sale:  7.5" ga. Little Engines Mogul 2-6-0


construction photos


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1.5 scale 7.5 gauge Little Engines Mogul 2-6-0.  It has three ways to add water to the all copper boiler.  One is hand pump, one is Super Scale injector, and it has double cross head pumps.  It has a very nice set of valves and water glass and gauge.  It has a pumping oiler and a working light.  It has steam bakes on the engine.

I also have a tender and a flat car that go with it as I want to sell it all as one package.  The flat car in a kit from Mountain car with trucks and couplers on both ends.  The tender is all brass sheet soldered with the hand pump inside the tank.   

Originally built as coal fired but only fired 3 times on coal and then converted to propane.  It has regulator and tank but no car for that yet.   I have one stainless steel stand on good wheels that holds the engine and tender and another rack on wheels for the flat car. 

I have numerous extra valves and screws and parts that are all included (see photo). It is a very good deal for everything as I do not think you can even buy the castings and boiler much less all the valves and piping for the cost. 

I have more pictures.  Some of these pictures are from during construction and some are after it was finished.

Train, tender, riding car, propane conversion, coal set up, two racks, and all extra parts

$12,000. complete for everything.  I will not ship but would deliver for the right price but would rather a person picked it up.  I live in Southern Minnesota.   .










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