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For Sale Modern Industries box  

   Reduced to $47 


Modern Industries box $50.00   Reduced to $47 

Price does not include shipping from Michigan 48239. Contact me.


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The follwing signal componetns are for sale.



(1)  GRS SA searchlight signal electronics only-asking $150.00
(1)  US&S swichpoint box  $150.00    Reduced to $142   SOLD  
(1)  WRRS crossing gate manual control box-asking $100.00   SOLD  
(1)  US&S Type M Code Transmitter-asking $100.00   SOLD  
(1)  US&S DN-22 relay-asking $25.00   SOLD  
(1)  US&S DN-11 relay-asking $25.00    SOLD  
(1)  WRRS 5 3/4" pole cap-asking $25.00    SOLD  
(5)  assortment of Corning and Kopp glass lenses 5 3/8" and 4 1/2"-asking $50.00 for           lot     SOLD  













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