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For Sale:  7.25" ga. Allen Chloe




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7.25" gauge Allen Models "Chloe". Well built locomotive by an advanced home shop machinist. Boiler is copper tube in a steel shell built to Allen plans by Saturated Steam, USA. The locomotive follows Gene Allen's drawings pretty much to the letter. Safety valves, injector, mechanical lubricator, steam, whistle, and boiler check valves are all bought items from various live steam suppliers. Etched builder plates and number board add a very professional touch.

The locomotive is a good steamer and is in excellent condition with very little running time on it due to health problems.

Asking price $10,500. Pick-up in New Hampshire. Can arrange meeting for delivery in some cases.    SOLD



For Sale:  7.25" ga. (regaugeable) Cannonball Lil' Gasser 


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Cannonball Lil' Gasser. Low time gas locomotive that runs great and is easy to handle. 7-1/4" gauge but can be re-gauged fairly easily. The loco has minimal fine detailing and would be great for a new outdoor railroader to get started with. Detailing could be added as the engineer desires and would add to eye appeal. Features include bell with single chime or continuous chime and electric air horns. 12v. gel cell type battery (for electric accessories) is less than 1 year old. Two person riding car is included with the loco. Add gas and you're ready for railroading fun.

$1,500 with pick-up in New Hampshire. Can arrange meeting for delivery in some cases. Contact me  SOLD









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