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For Sale:  7.5" ga. 0-4-0 Invicta Locomotive,
Tender, Engineer Riding Car, & Tool Car

 Reduced $5,000

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I am offering my complete , RTR train consisting of a 7.5” gauge INVICTA locomotive, tender, engineer riding car, and tool car. Loco has a propane fired steel boiler with copper tubes, axle driven feed pump backed up by a hand pump in the tender as well as a axle driven mechanical lubricator. Slip eccentrics for forward/reverse. The engine is a twin cylinder double acting  wth a bore and stroke of 1”x 2.2”  The tender water capacity is limited to 1 gallon so I built a 3 gallon water tank in the engineer’s riding car along with an electric pump and battery to  transfer water to the tender on the fly.  There are hand operated mechanical brakes on the engineer’s riding car.  A 110 VAC blower for firing up  is included along with tools to change out the propane tank, lubrication bottles, foot peg bar for tool car and misc fittings.

Sorry, no track with this offer.

To see and hear a video on the engine being  fired and run on the bench, click on the link

$8,000 or best offer.  Reduced $5,000  Engine is located in Reno, Nevada and can be delivered for a fee. Contact me.










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