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For Sale:  4.75" ga. Track Panels

 Reduced to $500


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Prefabricated Track by Lawntracks.  20 foot radius, 4 3/4" gauge.  There are 16 sections - enough to make a complete 40 foot diameter circle.  Lawntracks is made from hot rolled steel, welded together.  The rail does not have a sharp corner, and has a slight crown to the top.  Each section is about 8 feet long, and weighs about 12 pounds.  Very well made, and very sturdy.  The steel ties have holes in them so you can screw on lumber ties.  Joint bars and hardware are included.  Current list price from the manufacturer is $650.00.  This track has never been used, and has been stored inside since I picked it up from Lawntracks about 2 years ago.  Perfect for a portable track, but also good for a home track. 

Asking $600 Reduced to $500  Shipping is not practical. Pick up in Huntingdon county, PA or I can deliver to Cabin Fever on 1/16/16,  Paypal is accepted. Contact me











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